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Verschieden farbige Schnüre die so zusammengeknüpft sind dass in der Mitte ein Herz übrigbleibt


Bye, Polarity! all logos from the project team

bit schulungscenter GmbH, Austria

bit (= best in training) schulungscenter (= training centre), founded in 1986, is one of the leading education providers in the area of labour-market projects, vocational education, training and employability in Austria. Our clear strength is our experience and know-how in designing (didactics, methodology, instructional design) and carrying out diverse national and international projects. We have substantial experience in working with different target groups, e.g. young people, young unemployed adults, and their educational needs through our regular activities. We employ 263 highly experienced staff in seven Austrian regions, which enables us to draw on up to-date know-how and creative training methods for the design of our projects.


The company was founded in 2010 and during the last years it grew up to 10 employees. It is in the small coastal city of Figueira da Foz (Centre of Portugal). Their mission is “trying to assist in the society transition from the information society to the understanding society”. They believe that personally stored information and knowledge is just necessary up to a critical amount; from this amount on, it may grow with creativity, may be strengthened by application, may be spread by teaching. To achieve this, they combine 2 main activity areas:

– Technological area – they produce software solutions that support the pedagogical principles and deliver tools to clients for managing their own offer.

– Pedagogical area – the team develops concepts and methods for a more motivated and immersing education. They involve client organizations and their targets (students, adult learners) in experiences that increase their competences to answer the learning challenges raised by Knowledge and Information Society.


Școala Gimnazială Nr.28 is a secondary state school, with traditional learning, located in the centre of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The 770 attending students are aged 5 to 15 years old.

The school’s mission is to create an efficient and friendly school environment where all resources are used for the harmonious development of the students’ personality, according to their capabilities and their expectations in order to integrate them socially and professionally. The aim is to prepare students to be citizens of a united Europe, promoting values such as: equality of chances, correctitude, responsibility, inclusion, flexibility, accepting diversity and openness to the new. The vision of the school is: “We, together with your family, guide you towards success and fulfilment, because YOU REPRESENT US”.

Școala Gimnazială Nr.28 is an active partner in 6 Erasmus+ projects and coordinates “Schools with solutions” Erasmus+ partnership. It will become a centre of restorative practices by the end of February 2023.

Teachers, the school staff and the school community want to be part of a change, create a better state of well- being and social inclusion of our students, obtain school performance through improving the methods of teaching and organizing non formal activities with the involvement of the community.


Public High School (Upper secondary Level) with branches in music, arts, natural sciences and modern media. Our goal is to teaching youngsters to withstand the challenges of this world and prepare them to reach their full potential. Our branch “Modern Media” will participate in “bye, Polarity” as a basis for research and evaluation of the developed teaching and learning tools. Since we have years of expertise in the area of “Media”, “Communication”, “Fake News”, “Framing” and so on, the project is a perfect fit regarding the mutual goals of teaching teenagers the dangers of contemporary information-society.

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education, CYPRUS

Established in 2002, SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organization which designs and implements research and educational projects with social impact. SYNTHESIS is one of the leading institutions in Cyprus in the fields of social innovation and social entrepreneurship; it founded Hub Nicosia, a social innovation hub which houses and supports entrepreneurs and organizations with a social mission. In a world surrounded with conflict and exclusion of many forms, SYNTHESIS aspires to take part in actions that improve individual lives, enhance social inclusion, and contribute to a green and sustainable future, for the people and the planet.

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